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Here's a little about Kate, owner and groomer; I have been a groomer for 18 years, I started off as a dog bather and then went to dog grooming academy in Castle Rock, Colorado. I managed a grooming salon of 15 employees until I decided to venture out on my own, I had a thriving mobile grooming business in North East colorado until my family and I decided to venture West and settled in the amazing town of Mead. In the 8 years I have been here I have focused on my family, my college degree and fostering for a few amazing dog rescues. My husband, 3 children, dogs, cat and 1 turtle have kept me very busy. Something I am very proud of is in 3 years of fostering I have helped over 130 dogs find loving homes by personally fostering them. I have missed grooming more than I can say so, I’m ready to join the grooming world again. I can't wait to meet each of you and I'm even more excited to meet your dogs!

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Paws for Thought

  • One on one attention

  • NO distractions for the groomer or the dog

  • Groomed straight through, no kennel time

  • Calm and quiet environment 

  • No loading and unloading your pet in/out of car 

  • Grooming salon is out front of your home

  • Less stressful for you and your pet

  • No other dogs. 

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